Time to Check Yourself! Interrupting Reactive Tendencies

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Time to Check Yourself!

We’ve all heard of Flight, Fight, and Freeze reactions. These are normal default human reactions to risk AND they do not help us when we’re actually at risk. 

You may be in “Fight Mode” if you’re snapping, edgy, and generally in rare form these days.  

“Flight Mode” might look like you pretending that not much at all is happening — business as usual. Shredding old tax returns or cleaning out your office? Perhaps you’re feeling confused and conflicted.

Paralysis of analysis has taken over and you don’t know what to do at all. Maybe you don’t even believe it matters — “Freeze Mode”.  

Usually, we participate in all of these reactive tendencies and may lean more to one. 

It’s time to disrupt these default reactions and get your higher-order innovative thinking back on-line. 

Do this instead: 

1 Take a deep breath and give yourself some grace. 

2 Write down all of your fears.  Take the time to acknowledge what is happing inside you – Without Judgement. What are you feeling? What emotions come up?

3 Then, write down the 1 thing you can do now to make a positive step forward right now – in this moment.

3 Pick up the phone or email someone you can be accountable to 

4 Do it! —- At least do your best to do it.

5 Rinse and Repeat as needed! You Got this!

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