Signature Training Programs

Signature Training Programs

Teams Excelling In Leadership- Partner/Team Program

Healthy, High-Performing Teams

Your mission in the world requires healthy, high-performing Teams. Alpha’s Teams Excelling program cultivates growth by attending to key aspects of team success: Improved team relationships and scaling an intentional collective leadership culture.  Culture and Leadership are key drivers for on-the-ground conditions such as engagement, retention, organizational achievement, innovation, belonging, workplace thriving and a host of other factors. The Alpha approach includes an intentional focus on supporting Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging by employing Deep Democracy & multi-partiality practices. Our model enables an experiential and collaborative pathway for teams to build key elements of performance using evidence-based approaches and best in class models and tools.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Strengthen partnering relationship and collective leadership:
    • Increase awareness and appreciation of self and partners strengths and values
    • Identify default reactive tendencies and improved approaches for healthy communication & interactions
    • Create greater alignment via co-created norms and partnering agreements
    • Uncover current collective leadership state and desired future state
    • Greater awareness of collective leadership strengths, derailers, and reactive tendencies
    • Leverage framework for transformative leadership competencies and identify your partnership path to leadership growth
    • Option to accelerate growth by adding  individual leadership support

Individual Leadership Assessment with Pulse Process & Follow-Up: Includes a Leadership 360 assessment, report, and a series of targetted follow-up sessions including structured Pulse reports and tracking against individual Leadership Development Plans. 

Individual BeWell, Lead Well Pulsetm Assessment with Follow-Up: We’re in the middle of a transformational leap in how leaders are striving to prioritize and integrate well-being into their teams and organizations, as well as how they live and lead. This isn’t about incrementally adding new programming or benefits to employee offerings (although those things can be important); it is a redefinition of what it means to lead, organizationally and personally, from a foundation of genuine thriving. Includes a well-being & thriving self-assessment, formal report, full debrief session, and follow-up sessions. Client option to create their individual Well-being Plan.

Collective Leadership Training:

Collective Leadership is now more important than ever. Our complex and volatile world is calling forth a new paradigm of leading together to create what matters most. Complex times require more than one perspective. The transformative change we need in the world is at the collective level. We are charged with redesigning the systems that we have inherited and have been operating within. By doing so, conscious leaders build on a new collective worldview beginning with their spheres of responsibility – themselves and their world of work.

In this program leadership groups engage in an experiential learning opportunity to: 

  • Establish an understanding of the LCP unified model of transformative leadership, 
  • Identify individual & collective reactive tendencies and creative competencies
  • Begin the feedback assimilation process by exploring partner and group results, build awareness of the current state of leadership and desired future state
  • Establish a line of site to the most valuable leadership opportunity

Design Options Include: Half-Day through Multi-Day