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 Alpha partners with clients across multiple sectors committed to making a positive impact in the world through business and organizational initiatives. We contribute our extensive experience and success working with multiple layers of leadership, teams, and environmental complexity. Alpha strategically combines consulting with transformational leadership and team development focused on leveraging and up-leveling the human side of work as an essential component.

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“I hired Patty to help me gain clarity on the direction I wanted to go with my new business. I was in a place of knowing where I wanted to go but uncertain how I’d really get there in a way that incorporated by current business structure. I specifically chose Patty for a VIP day for her experience in entrepreneurial businesses and leadership. From the first session we had together, I knew Patty would lead me into the introspective direction I needed in order to further develop my business. Her experience with systems, leaders and businesses along with her warm, engaging and direct support was exactly what I needed to hone in on my own leadership and entrepreneurial skills. My experience with Patty’s VIP coaching day was exceptional from the start. She helped me focus using creativity and explorative questions to really get the details from myself that I needed in order to move forward. Her gentle approach made me feel comfortable and able to really focus. Her challenges were spot on, often making me think of things I hadn't thought of on my own. Plus, her warm personality and experience makes her the kind of leader I look up to and want to learn from. I walked away from my VIP experience with Patty with a clear head, defined direction, and really excited about what lies ahead.   Patty is exactly the leadership coach I need. I’m excited to continue our work together and would recommend her to any person in an entrepreneurial leadership role.”
Lisa Pisha, MS, LMFT
Owner of Grow Marriage and Family Therapy & Grow Wellness Group
“Like me, if you are looking for something different, tailored to your needs and who you are I would highly recommend Patty from Alpha Project Solutions. Having gone through several group and individual leadership programs it was refreshing to come across something new and different and someone as passionate about growth and opportunities change brings. It is now exciting to plan going forward where we were once stagnant.”
Chris Bzon
Former Executive Director, Child Care Resource & Referral Joliet, IL
"Something that really stands out about Patty is her commitment to customer satisfaction and her high degree of conscientious. She identified viable solutions to meet our unique needs and ensured the outcomes exceeded expectations. She provided superb project management, meeting all deadlines and being proactive in sharing status reports. She posed questions that prompted deep thinking about the person's past and the connection to their current identify, behavior and beliefs. It was a joy working with Patty and learning from her."
Evelyn Summerville
Executive Coach
“We work with a number of community-based Head Start and preschool programs throughout Chicago. Finding coaches and consultants that provide the range of services that we require can prove daunting. Thankfully, the team at Alpha Project Solutions has consistently been able to produce comprehensive solutions to fulfill our needs.” - Former Director Chicago Coalition of Site-Administered Childcare Programs"
Judith Walker-Kendrick
Former Director Chicago Coalition of Site-Administered Childcare Programs
"Patty’s coaching walk through unleashed opportunities for transformation. I became aware of areas I had shut down, yet had great impact in how I showed up. It took me days to process what had just hit me. I became curious and embracing of my full story in service of becoming a greater leader.”
Executive Coach
"On behalf of my HS and EHS team at the Chicago Child Care Society, I would highly recommend Patty Oji and Alpha Project Solutions as a supportive team of experts in the field of leadership development, project management, and team building. Patty and her team provided very helpful support and guidance to my staff and myself during our OHS Federal Review process. My team was more than pleased to have her team come in to assist in the preparation. If you and your team are looking for someone who shows compassion, understanding, forward-thinking, and an advocate, you would be making the right choice by selecting Patty Oji and Alpha Project Solutions!"
TeeNeka Jones
"Patty was great to work with on the Unlock! Coaching session, which I used to bolster my energy for a rewrite of my profile. Even though I'd thought about background and strengths many times, the way she asked questions and connected themes across time was powerful. I appreciated her ability to get to core qualities, name overlooked strengths (things I discounted), and create such a positive, empowered stance for me to approach new opportunities from. Patty is smart and a bit playful, helping you highlight important threads while keeping it real. Give yourself the gift of looking at yourself with a fresh set of eyes and create a more powerful, authentic narrative."​
Executive Coach