Our Team

Our Team

Alpha People & Project Solutions has assembled a team of hand-selected experts. The Alpha team boasts a average of 20+ years of experience in positions of key leadership and operate with a conscious approach to work, capacity building and excellence. In addition to the team’s well‑rooted historical and current service frameworks, Alpha also leverages innovative and evidence-based approaches from various business sectors.

We know that engaged and committed people are required to make good systems work. This is why our  coaches, consultants, and trainers deliver cutting-edge services that will empower your teams to move forward and keep the momentum going.

We are proud to be there with you every step of the way!

Patty Oji, MPA, PCC, CPCC

Founding Partner, Strategic Talent & Culture Development

Patty Oji, MPA, PCC, CPCC

Founding Partner, Strategic Talent & Culture Development

Patty Oji is a solutions driven leader committed to building and enhancing discerning and courageous leadership necessary to achieve transformation and impact for individuals and organizations. Patty leverages 20 years of multifaceted experience managing high-level projects and initiatives for national and local clients to guide strategy and planning, organizational sustainability, talent development, new ventures, and more.

Through Alpha, she offers trusted coaching and consulting to values-based businesses, which include corporations, government, and social impact organizations. Patty draws on her greatest asset: Her deep lived experience as a woman who is both Latina and Black. Her unique ability to cross cultures and build alignment has served as a pillar in creating personal success and enabling success for her clients.

As an accomplished woman of color with over 20 years of success across multiple sectors, I partner with organizations in the Development, Retention, & Engagement of their Diverse staff for greater impact and results”

As an executive coach and consultant my specialties include Inclusive & Equitable Leadership and Healthy Results-based & Teaming”

Having an innate aptitude for listening – she is known for bridging cultures, motivating client performance and developing leadership competencies. She has a strong and proven track record of employing her significant training and education to galvanize and elevate client performance and outcomes.

Integrity, growth, conscious leadership and values-aligned accountability are hallmarks of her leadership and professionalism. Her clients describe her as a trusted advisor, highly qualified and capable, passionate, a collaborator, committed and knowledgeable.

Patty’s credentials include a BA (Linguistics, Cross-Cultural Communication and Spanish), Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Certified Professional CoActive Coach, International Coach Federation PCC Credential, Certified Practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile & the Leadership Culture Survey, Organizational and Relationship Systems Coach, the Art of Developmental Coaching, Leapers certified by CRR Global, Executive Coach training by the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute, and fluency in Spanish.

Her professional associations include the International Coaching Federation, Human Resources Association of Oak Brook, IL, Society of Human Resources Managers, American Society of Public Administration, Chicago Women in Philanthropy, and Better Angels.

Alpha Oji, MBA

Founding Partner, Systems

Alpha Oji is an expert in Finance and Accounting drawing on over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors including mid and large businesses. His most current work is as an international tax accountant specializing in foreign and cross-border payments. He is passionate about the figures. More specifically, Alpha is passionate about how financial measures and fiscal operations can be used as powerful tools to advance an organization’s mission and support profitability.

Business figures are important data measures aiding in every area of business from baseline planning and forecasting to determining performance to informing next steps and even identifying business values based on areas of investment. Finance informs and impacts every area of life.

Alpha is dedicated to fostering excellence in business. As a veteran of the United States armed forces, he has personally experienced the highest level of excellence and leadership. Alpha credits his military experience with further shaping his life and business values to include a mission-driven approach, discipline, proactivity, and strong management systems.

“Business is powerful and multidimensional. Each business is its’ own community. If each individual and each business works to meet its goals the impact improves economies and ives across communities and the world.”

~ Alpha O. Oji, Co-founder, and Director

While great leadership encompasses many skills and aptitudes, according to Alpha, the very heart of leadership is the ability to build relationships and be of service. Alpha is also inspired by the developments in technology that support organizational performance. Technology facilitates work processes thus enabling more energy to be directed towards content work and business value. Alpha is motivated in his work by assisting clients in identifying areas of growth and need and being a part of the solution.

Outside of his work roles Alpha loves spending time with his family, participating in his church community, and is also an avid soccer enthusiast.