Team & Group Development

Team and Group Development


Successful teams require strong relationship, an intentional culture as well as a commitment to individual and collective performance. 

Strengthen team performance by improving team relationships and building an intentional culture.

Group Cohort: Leadership Development for All:  

Leadership is widely known as the central organizing system of all organizations. Strong leadership results in better individual and organizational performance and outcomes. The most powerful thing a leader or an organization can do is to scale up their leadership. This customized series will work to strengthen individual and collective leadership capability. 

Participants will a deep dive leadership development journey as a cohort. Participants will conduct a self-assessment and identify their unique operating system; learn about adult stage development and the opportunity to unlock their development capacity; learn about and explore both Reactive Tendencies and Creative Leadership Competencies and begin to implement improved practices. Participants will also create their own individual leadership development plan focusing on one key area of growth greatest impact.

Teams Excelling by Alpha: 

The coach(es) work with organizational teams to strategically support improved team relationships and build an intentional team culture. The Alpha model specifically focuses on Intentional Culture and Strengthening Team Relationships as the foundation for passionate and high-­‐‑performing teams. The Alpha approach provides a blueprint for teams to build these two essential pillars of performance.  A team culture of leadership is developed using a world-class model for scaling leadership. Teams identify their current state of leadership culture and the future state that they desire. Teams work towards improved collaboration, alignment, awareness, ability to navigate change and conflict resolution.

Facilitation: We partner with clients to help design and facilitate strategic sessions including senior leader and stakeholder meetings, workgroups, and other strategic planning components. Our coach-like approach to facilitation supports teams as they work together to grapple with some of most pressing issues facing them and create mission-critical solutions. Our services blend both transformational concepts to set ground conditions for high collaboration and manages the task/transactional aspects to meet and document outcomes.

Workshops that matter

Alpha trainings are uniquely designed as transformational learning experiences to support participants to internalize new knowledge, take ownership and walk away ready to implement learning. Fully customized training is available.

  • It all Starts with Self-Leadership
  • Creative Leadership Development
  • Leadership Influence & Impact
  • Thriving Through Change
  • Communication & Resolution in Conflict
  • Creating Success for Women & Minorities
  • From Teammate to Manager
  • Applied & Authentic Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity
  • Successfully Navigating a Complex World
  • Establishing Vision and Making It Real
  • Coaching Skills for Managers & Administrators
  • Strengthening Team Effectiveness

Over 300 meaningfully engaged in 2019

99% Exceptional Feedback Based on Evaluations

Highlights from our training clients

This was the best workshop I have attended in many years! I’m ready to apply this learning at work"
I feel lighter and enlightened with knowledge, wisdom and understanding"
It made me think more about my core values and living up to them.”
I learned how to connect, being creative. Connecting the dots or placing the missing pieces to the puzzle. Learning how to connect to people in the places where it is needed. Creating an environment to help teachers and children”
I got to know the truth of my coworkers, who they are, and what they value as people…”
Your workshop challenged me. It challenged me because it made me really question myself”