Our clients care about their people as much as they care about the bottom line. They recognize true diversity and inclusion as a pillar of success especially in hard times and they work with us to create healthy high-performing leaders, teams, and systems.

Our mission is be a strategic ally in making our client’s vision their success. Our expertise supports clients to attain a greater level of impact by strengthening leadership, management systems and sound business practices that increase organizational health and impact. Alpha works to ensure your business makes and impact that sets you apart and positions you for sustained success.

Alpha was born to fill a gap in the industry -­ providing a suite of strategic and transformational services focused on partnering with organizational clients to 

maximize achievement by fully leveraging the “people side” of success in alignment with quality systems and processes for maximum impact.  Alpha firmly believes that employees are the heartbeat and greatest resource of all organizations. “People work” is essential in the Alpha “Whole Achievement” approach. The Alpha cadre of qualified and ethical associates are all focused on truly knowing the client and supporting both the immediate needs as well as the long‑term growth and thriving of our clients.

At Alpha, relationships are at the core of who we are and what we do.

“As an accomplished woman of color with over 20 years of success across multiple sectors, I partner with leaders and teams to create greater results through true inclusion especially in difficult times. As an executive coach and consultant my specialties include Resilient & Inclusive Leadership and Healthy Results-based & Diverse Teaming"
Patty Oji, MPA, PCC, CPCC
Cofounder, Executive Coach & Consultant

Shared Values

Like our clients, Alpha People & Project Solutions is  concerned about both the bottom line and how we create results. Our values guide how we partner with our clients and community.

    Authentic Diversity & Inclusion

    • Clients partner with us to level the playing field by creating equity for people of color, women, and an array of underrepresented people.
    • We celebrate the power of authentic diversity and inclusion as the right way forward.


    • Clients benefit from our profound dedication to the work and investment in innovation make best in class resources available to them.
    • We employ evidence-based solutions that focus on attaining your strategic goals. 

    Client-Success Centric

    Our clients value our role as a partner and honest advisor to support immediate recovery, long-term growth and improved outcomes.

    Building trust through a collaborative and relationship-based approach rooted in integrity.

     We co-design the working relationship to partner  in the context of safety, confidentiality, and courage.


    Our innovative A6 Strategic Intervention Model assists our clients with a quality process for growth, upleveling impact and quality program implementation to make their vision a sustainable success.

    A6 Strategic Intervention Model

    A6 is a strategic intervention model designed to improve organizational performance through systems development & people development. A6 integrates Transformational Coaching, Focused Consulting, and Customized Training to Implementation aligned to the organization’s mission, strategic goals, program data, and proposed outcomes.