Authentic Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism in Organizations

Our clients care about their people as much as they care about the bottom line. They recognize true diversity and inclusion as a pillar of success especially in hard times and they work with us to create healthy, high-performing leaders, teams, and systems.

The Real AIM™

Alpha’s equity and antiracism training and professional development experiences are crafted to create transformation. We show participants how to build authentic connections across differences. Participants not only develop important teaming skills and aptitudes, they up-level in mindset & attitudes. Staff develop understanding of foundational concepts and learning in race equity. The relationship-building nature of our sessions fosters greater mutual understanding and creates bridges where groups find common ground and a joint way forward. Our program design supports deep democracy by creating brave spaces where all the voices of the system are welcome and encouraged to engage. Participant self-and-other-awareness, mutual appreciation and alignment increase as they work with the concepts and apply them to their context. Our expert-led sessions are interactive and include a variety of individual and small group experiences.

Our Featured Coaching Program

You AND Your BIPOC employees thriving today and in the future

BIPOC employees are choosing workplaces that actively change the status quo and support them to thrive now. 

Even in the best organizations, equity efforts take time to become culture and real practice. Yet, BIPOC staff can’t opt out of their daily lived experiences and the very real added workplace diversity challenges. In the current context BIPOC staff have more options than ever and are rightly taking action to protect their full wellbeing. 

Invest in your organization by supporting your BIPOC employees with professional coaching that fosters greater retention and engagement, respects their whole-personhood, and actions your commitment to equity and inclusion.

learning & development Series For Leaders:

Make the Invisible Visible

This series is designed for leaders who want to enter the arena of antiracism, equity and true inclusion. In this no-judgment space you get to check your mask and your cape at the door. Learn, integrate, and act as an individual and in a personal context. No expertise expected from you. The only thing you need is your “beginner’s mind”, your open heart, and the will to see things differently. We will provide the rest. Participants collectively build: Real Awareness, Real INsight, & Real Movement.


100% virtual delivery , 100% Engaging

Group Program

Collective setting creates a brave learning and growing space.

Participant Materials

Includes participant guide and resources.

Tailored Approach

Option of Foundational Level or Level 2.0. All engagements are tailored for client's unique needs.

Deepen Understanding

Increased understanding of foundational concepts in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Antiracism. Walk away with the language for your important conversations

Increased Self-Awareness

Greater appreciation for self and others. Awareness of personal growth areas and strategies for making change

Personalized Growth Plans

Creation of individual growth and action plan

Teams and Groups

A Program for Collective Change

Elevate team performance by strengthening team relationships & creating a culture that fosters an All-In way forward. Over a series of progressive and integrated sessions, teams strengthen their collective relationship and ability to engage in meaningful work around some of the most challenging issues – race and equity. Participants collectively build:  Real Awareness, Real INsight, & Real Movement.

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