Strategic Consulting


Strategic Consulting

As your ally and trusted advisor during every step of our engagement, we are  dedicated to adapting innovative approaches and practices that will help your organization achieve its goals and establish a sustainable and thriving long-term trajectory.

Our track record across multiple industries, enables  us to understand and operate in complex organizations and industries. 

Strategic Planning

Your valuable work in the world requires an expert-led strategic plan. 

Our holistic and innovative approach to strategic planning engages and coalesces all of the right stakeholders, shines a light where you did not think to look, engages your board, leverages thoughtful research and analysis, honors your talent and teaches your staff how to lead strategic planning. Alpha will support you to focus on the essential “big questions” for your landscape and set your strategic direction with confidence.

Change Management

Innovation, disruption, volatility and ambiguity are the order of the day. 

The rate of change is challenging and only expected to intensify. Whether your change is aspirational or required, planned or sudden, do it the right way. Alpha’s change management services will support you to implement change with the ground-conditions for success. Our unique approach ensures that you address the human and psychological aspects of change as well as the tasks and logistics.

Project management

Our quality Project Management services go beyond the basics of budget, scope and time. 

We assist you to strategically complete a comprehensive and outcomes-driven project management process that successfully executes on the project deliverables. Alpha takes great care in handing over your project to ongoing operations and to support your capacity-building throughout the project.