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Alpha partners with organizations to create greater results by developing their talent and culture. Our clients care about their people as much as they care about the bottom line. They recognize authentic equity inclusion as a pillar of success especially in hard times and they work with us to create healthy high-performing leaders, teams, and organizations. Clients invest with us as a trusted partner that supports them in meeting their essential goals through Inclusive Leadership, Results-Based Multicultural Teaming, and Effective Strategies.

Equitable, Inclusive & Transformative Leaders

Your ONE unique advantage. Build All-In leaders from individual to organizational.

Diverse & Results-Based Teams

Enable healthy, high-performing teams and groups.

Effective Systems and Strategies

Chart your unique direction with confidence and achieve your mission-critical outcomes.

The Real AIM™: Authentic Equity, Inclusion, & Anti-racism in the Workplace

Alpha’s Equity & Anti-racism programs facilitate transformation. We teach clients how to build authentic connections across differences. Participants not only develop important teaming skills and aptitudes, they up-level in mindset & attitudes. Staff develop understanding of important concepts. The relationship-building nature of our sessions fosters greater mutual understanding and creates bridges where groups find common ground and a joint way forward. Our program design supports deep democracy by creating brave spaces where all the voices of the system are welcome and encouraged to engage. Participant self-and-other-awareness, mutual appreciation and alignment increase as they work with the concepts and apply them to their context. Our expert-lead sessions are interactive and include a variety of individual and small group experiences.

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What our clients say

Michael Canady

Vice President - Client Services, Global Operations

"Whether you're an individual contributor, rising star or seasoned executive, Patty can support your professional growth and leadership development.

I was fortunate to work with Patty on an assimilation project for a new functional role. Patty effectively coached and challenged me along the way and helped me successfully transition into my new role while bringing my most authentic self to my new team."

TeeNeka Jones

Former Director - Head Start & Early Head Start, Chicago Child Care Society

"On behalf of my HS and EHS team at the Chicago Child Care Society, I would highly recommend Patty Oji and Alpha Project Solutions as a supportive team of experts in the field of leadership development, project management, and team building. Patty and her team provided very helpful support and guidance to my staff and myself during our OHS Federal Review process. My team was more than pleased to have her team come in to assist in the preparation. If you and your team are looking for someone who shows compassion, understanding, forward-thinking, and an advocate, you would be making the right choice by selecting Patty Oji and Alpha Project Solutions!"

Alison Upton-Lopez

Executive Director, Private Foundation

"Patty came in at such a critical time for us and supported our team to do some goal setting, as well as facilitated JEDI work with our Board. My personal coaching with Patty was also just what I needed without even fully knowing it.
She supported me to see my own strengths and areas for improvement, work on concrete goals and increase my confidence in myself.
My staff team noticed changes and I felt like a different leader in ways I can't even fully articulate. She supported me with such warmth and caring, but also with some tough love at times when I most needed it to move forward. Her expertise with JEDI issues and lived experience as a woman of color was also a huge benefit as a leader right now.
I wholeheartedly recommend Patty Oji to anyone and everyone."

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