Executive & Leadership Coaching


Executive and Leadership Coaching

The focus of Alpha Executive Coaching engagements is to enable performance of executives, leaders and talent at all levels.  Supporting executives and leaders to step into the fullness of their potential and to make authentic and intentional advancement in their leadership, life and careers is at the core of what we do. 

"Leadership Strength: Your ONE strategic advantage that cannot be duplicated."

Several features set Alpha coaching apart:

  • A whole-person approach that mobilizes the client’s resources and optimizes her internal operating system.
  • Focus is strength-based versus “fixing” while directly addressing needs and growth areas
  • 360º feedback process to assess opportunities, growth edge and blind spots.
  • Individual coaching goals aligned to organization's strategic objectives.
  • All coaches are highly qualified and certified professional coaches with significant career success.
Effective organizations require effective leaders.

Support organizational effectiveness and outcomes success by investing individual and collective leadership! 

Research shows that organizational performance is directly linked to the organization’s leadership strength.

Coaching embedded in an organizational setting creates opportunities for individuals to develop their leadership and management capacities as they better address challenges and opportunities facing their organizations in increasingly complex and volatile environments. 

The Alpha team boasts a average of 20+ years of experience in positions of key leadership and operate with a conscious approach to capacity building and proven excellence. In addition to the team’s current frameworks, Alpha also leverages innovative and evidence-based approaches from various business sectors.

Alpha team members proudly invest in ongoing development, research and excellence in practice. 

Some of Alpha’s innovative approaches include certification in a world-class  model for creative and effective leadership, advanced training and expertise in systems coaching that can be scaled from team, to unite/department, up to the whole organization, and deep expertise in human development and performance.

Alpha team members are leaders, experienced in helping clients identify and leverage their strengths to fill gaps and uplevel communications with leaders, staff of various positions, board members and an array of stakeholders.

Alpha helps executives cultivate performance management skills, such as developing a strong organizational culture aligned to mission, giving effective feedback to improve employee performance, and building partnerships with stakeholders

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Leadership Development & Executive Success

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