Why am I in the Fridge Again – Finding my grounding

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Why am I in the Fridge Again? -Disrupting default reactions

I’m standing the fridge
Just standing there AGAIN

I’m reacting – Time to settle in, get grounded and get in touch with what’s really going on in me.

Pandemic of course:

  • Mom is 82 and out of state (God, I’m not ready – TEARS)
  • My 3 children -afraid of getting corona – quarantine
    Me too… (Ugly Cry)
  • Vulnerable children – food insecurity, homelessness, abuse and neglect, medical care (Tears of impotence)
  • My clients are working 24/7, struggling… I NEED to HELP (Headache)…..

AND then, I get quiet again and talk to myself

  • It’s ok to be afraid. It’s normal, it’s even a sign of love.
  • In this moment: my family is well and Mom is well. She knows how much I love her & I’m grateful that God has given me the opportunity in recent years to strengthen and deepen our relationship
    I’ll call and tell her I love her again, every day, and listen

*In this moment: my clients know what they need
Be PATIENT. It’s not about ME

  • In this moment: I can make a donation to an organization that supports the most vulnerable children in this pandemic.
  • In this moment: We are resilient, we are able, we are creative, we are resourceful. We are better together!

*In this moment: My spirit is at peace with the assurance of the love of God.

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